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Lavazza Espresso CoffeeLavazza Coffee

Espresso Coffees

The finest arabicas of Central and South America, blended with Asian and African washed robustas, offer a full-bodied, vigorous flavor. This blend is particularly appreciated by those who like a creamy Italian espresso with a persistent after-taste.

We carry the following Lavazza Espresso Products: Grand Espresso, Supercremma, Top Class, Pienaroma, Gold Selection and Espresso Bar.

Decaf Espresso Coffees

We also carry Lavazza Decaf Espresso Products.

Lavazza Gran Filtro Drip CoffeeDrip Coffees

A 100% Arabica blend of mild coffees from the highlands of Central and South America for a brew with an intense sweet aroma typical of Arabica beans. Gran Filtro has been expertly blended to create a full-flavored aromatic coffee to satisfy the most distinctive tastes. Gran Filtro can be prepared with any professional filter machine.

We carry the following Lavazza Drip Coffees: Gran Filtro, Gran Filtro DECAFF, Gran Filtro Dark, and Filtro Classico.

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