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Bubble Teas & Tapioca Balls

MOCAFE™ Bubble Teas

MOCAFET Bubble Teas

Bubble Tea is the popular, colorful Taiwanese equivalent of Chai. An exotic new tea latte sometimes referred to as Boba Nai Cha or Pearl Tea Lattes. (Enjoyed with or without adding Tapioca Pearls.) A Tea Latte so delicious, it is instantly becoming a multi-national beverage trend.

Mocafe has conveniently formulated this concept in an easy to use mix removing the effort typically associated with these drinks. These mixes are based on real Japanese matcha green tea powder. Flavors include: green tea, green tea honeydew, green tea mango and green tea honey. We also have available exotic flavored latte powders used when adding your own freshly brewed teas.

Bubble teas are a refreshing colorful addition to your tea latte offerings.

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