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Boosta Shot Energy Mixes

Boosta Shot Energy MixesMost energy drinks today are overloaded with sugar and caffeine. Boosta Shot is unique because it is "botanical-based" and uses herbs, amino acids and vitamins to deliver energy. Boosta Shot was designed by baristas as a nuetral ingredient that will "Energize Everything." No Caffeine Added. 0 Grams of Sugar.

Craft your own energy soda with club soda, flavored syrups and Boosta Shot, energize a frozen blended beverage by simply adding Boosta Shot, even create fun, espresso-based specialty coffee energy drinks. Download Boosta Shot Recipes (pdf).

Boosta ShotsEnergize any beverage, hot, cold or blended with 5 hours of a "balanced boost" without the crash. What's in Boosta Shot? It is filled with Taurine, Ginseng, Guarana & Vitamin B.

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Available in Case of 4 * 1 Liter Bottles and 48 * 1.5 oz pouches.