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Blendtec® Blenders

All Blendtec blenders are equipped with state of the art electronics to ensure perfect blending cycles. With 3 pre-programmed configurations, and 30 individual cycles to choose from, your blender can be customized to fit your needs.

The blenders are also certified by ETL and NSF making them safe and sanitary for all foodservice environments.

Blendtec Model EZ

Blendtec Model EZ BlenderThe EZ Blender was designed for low volume operations incorporating design features of more expensive machines. It's compact size combined with the durability and functionality of our quality polycarbonite jars make the EZ blender the best value.

Blendtec Smoother

Blendtec Smoother BlenderFor years the Smoother has set the standard in blending frozen drinks. The Smoother is still the choice of many of the world's leading beverage retailers. No blending chore is too tough for the Smoother. The Smoother was designed with you in mind. There is no need to purchase a different machine if you change the layout of your counter. The Smoother combines power with intelligence and beauty.

Vita-Mix® Blenders

Vita-MixT Blenders


Vitamix® Replacement Parts

We carry the following Vitamix® replacement parts: